Production of individual parts from aluminum

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The processing of individual parts made of aluminum requires its own experience, expertise and craftsmanship. Special machines and "know-how” are often necessary to fulfill special orders. We produce single parts, which are used in many branches (especially in photovoltaic, building industry). The machining of profiles of various shapes and forms is carried out according to the customer's wishes and in accordance with the applicable standards.

We assemble fasteners connected with individual parts made of rubber, PVC plastics, as well as screws, small metal sheets, into ready-to-use assembly sets. We make constructions according to individual designs, for parameters given by the client, such as: angle of inclination, length of the inclined surface. We process, for example:

  • aluminum mounting elements,
  • mounting accessories for photovoltaics,
  • mounting elements for solar collectors,
  • connecting elements.